Friday, July 10, 2009

Talk about a different time...but I'll take the heat over the snow just about any day.

Little recap, what did today bring at me...

Tour de France excitement, sort of...

Contador putting a little move in? Part of the ochestrated plan? Who knows. I don't think Astana would have been real excited to have the Yellow on this early. Bet the boys in blue would love defending that through all of the stages in the Pyrenees and Alps. Definitely interesting to see how it unfolds. Astana 1-2-3 podium in Paris? Who cares?


At least the reported air quality wasn't too bad.

I went out and ran just to mix things up for a change. Gotta try and keep some balance with the muscles, or at least try. It was short and left me soaked.

Bike stuff:

Got one of these stashed away, my first "real" road bike. Got it from a guy I worked with, actually too big for me. Nice steel lugged frame. Interestingly my fork is painted but appears to have a polished chrome fork under the paint, have to look into that and see what the deal is. I know the fork is original. Maybe they just had them all polished and painted some? Long ago I almost stripped the paint since there were a lot of chips already, now glad I didn't.

WNC Controversy:

(under WNC B race, not sure how to link it exactly)

Glad I get the pleasure of avoiding that mayhem. Seems the B's have the most issues. Maybe due to having the biggest numbers? Hmmm...statistics at work? Could be.

Regardless, it is for fun. Hate to see the promoter dealing with a lot of trivial (in my opinion of course!) issues. Not like there is big money or prestige on the line. Its a training race and supposed to be fun, and the area is fortunate to have something like this and others over in Dallastown.

Weekend has launched. Cheers!

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