Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thursday - VO2 Max Test
Friday - 10 minutes at 70% Threshold followed by a 25k TT
Saturday - 75 miles of nice tempo type pace road riding.

After 3 consecutive days of doing absolutely nothing this was a rather abrupt change.
I think my legs found it to be borderline cruel. Definitely proved to me that the "day before" spin to loosen things up is a good idea. I have often wondered how much benefit a 60-90 minute low intensity ride the day before a race actually yields. Based on this past week I am less skeptical. 3 days off and then the VO2 max test left my legs feeling a little shattered.
Going to have to try not and let that happen again.

Monday, May 4th was nice. Tempo-ish 35 miles in coolish temps, not much wind...helped shake things out a little more and leave me ready for the Wednesday night crit tomorrow, which I have decided I won't be doing after all. I need to give the bike some TLC and at nearly midnight, I should be getting stuff ready rather than tikking around with this stuff. Gonna have to chalk this one off, get a nice solo ride in, and look to next week. Exciting stuff here.