Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hit it.

So Monday, January 26th will stand out in memory for a while. I ate it in solid fashion today while riding. Been quite a while since that happened, and hopefully much more time before the next one.

It all started shittily (writer's freedom to make up words invoked here) enough. I wanted to get out for about 30 miles, decent tempo, get the blood pumping but nothing crazy type of thing.
Weather was not good. Cool, in low 40s at best, with rain off and on. During an apparent "off" period I suited up and headed out. About 38 seconds in it starts to mist heavily, then gets off the fence and settles in for a steady drizzle. Okay, I got plenty of clothing on and feel fine so I'll gut it out for a while until either a) it gets really nasty b) I get sick of it or c) mission accomplished.
Option C was the winner, sort of...

I headed out with the plan to just ride the Trinity River trails, since that is all I have ridden to date and wasn't really up for scoping out anything new on this day, just trying to get some exercise and work on regain some semblance of fitness. As could have been predicted, the trails were basically empty, proving I am either very dedicated or very stupid. Or a combo of both. Most likely the latter. Head south, enjoy a general tailwind, turn around and grit into the spitting wind for a while. Head through Trinity Park and up the West Fork trail, hit the 20 mile mark and turn around now that the clothing is getting saturated and the cold is winning. Winning in a big way. Time to call it a day and put this one in the books.
Head through Heritage Park (I think) on the west side. Cruising along nicely around 20-21 mph with the help of a cross-tailwind. Heading towards the White Settlement overpass ( I think) and note the path has three poles coming out of the ground, one in the middle and one on each side. there is a nice pool of water directly beyond, and as I get closely I opt to completely go around the whole part by going wide right, around the right post. The area under the overpass is all paved so this doesn't present any speed scrubbing potential and seems like a fine and slightly dryer option. Except there is a cable strung about 18 inches above the ground from the post on the right side of the path over to another somewher under the overpass.
It is gloomy, my glasses are covered in water droplets, I am cold and ready to be done with it at this point. I spot the cable in just enough time to realize the looming disaster, then hit it.
I may have slightly crabbed the front wheel right before impact, but unlike some crashes, this one did not allow time for me to try and choose my fate. More like: OHSHIT-SMACK-SLAM-SKID. Which is about what I did. There was a shout of some sort, probably involving surprised profanity as I impacted. I think it was a pseudo superman into a roll across my right shoulder with a splendid impact to my right elbow. There was plenty of skidding noted audibly as I dismounted as well.

Now, when I crash I usually do the hop-right-up-and-checkyourself routine, making sure nothing is too seriously damaged. Immediatly I felt a sharp pain in my elbow, which was the biggest concern. Picked myself up doing the usual inspection and made up for any lack of profanity up to the point. Elbow hurts. Shoulder feels a little funny but not too bad. No clothing tears and no feelings of road rash blooming, which concerns me. Not that I like the rash, but at least that usually indicates some of the energy of the impact was used up over a bit of time, not in one sharp bone/ligament/muscle damaging shot. I hobble around for a bit checking things out, and mostly, surprisingly, everything is checking out ok. My right arm is aching and the grip is not feeling really solid, but not anything that has me too concerned now. Check out the bike, it looks ok, from what I can tell. Right shifter maybe shoved over a bit, but nothing major. Look around and try and determine just what the hell that cable is for, can't figure it out, and at this point don't care to, just want to get home and out of wet clothes. Gingerly get back on and shuffle on down the trail. Right side is not great and grip is an issue, but part of it is just the cold I think. half mile later I try and shift into a bigger cog and find the rear derailleur wants to go into the spokes. great. head home and call it a day. Inspect the damage and find the helmet is clean, so no head impact, although the neck feels a bit whipped. Elbow has a nice bruise with a giant blood blister acting as the cherry on top, but that is about it. No ER visits. Good. Get over it and into a hot shower. Bike stowed away dirty and dinged, deal with that later.
Gotta pay more attention, that is for sure.
At least the trails were empty and I didn't make a big spectacle for everyone's entertainment.
On the flip side, I wish a friend had seen it to at least provide commentary.
Think Tuesday is a good day to take off now, especially with the impending ice storm. Definitley not feeling it right now.

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  1. Ouch.

    I'm trying to picture where you lost it, but I've only gone up that way a couple times.

    Glad to see you blogged after that; apparently you survived. ;-)