Monday, March 30, 2009

I am pretty much digging FtW so far, really surpassed my expectations in many ways.
One area it manages to underachieve in a major way is water quality, and by quality, I mean the ability to palate the tap water.

Now, I have lived in a number of different areas with varying flavors of drinking water, and FtW by far, head and shoulders above the rest, is the worst. Seriously, I feel kind of bad giving it to my dogs.

It was definitely a hate at first sip type of thing. In fact, I knew something was up because I could smell it first. Kind of an earthy odor, which was a fortunate warning and prompted a small test sip, and a quick liquid reversal. Stuff was awful. And it isn't getting better with time. I have resorted to buying the gallon bottles until I get the filter installed on my sink (which is another annoying story in itself I won't even waste bytes on).

I looked into it a bit and didn't find much other than the actual quality is considered decent. I assume by quality they don't actually mean consuming it of course. Nothing in it that will make you sick, just the flavor of a nice mud puddle.

Thats about what it tastes like, all exageration aside. In fact, to get a good idea what it is like, imagine taking some fresh potting soil then filling a dirty gym sock with it. Now filter some regular, generally flavorless, water through it. I suspect the resultant flavor would be comparable. I have been forced to drink it in desperation a few times and it really bothered me, and I am generally not too picky about that type of stuff. Basically, as long as it doesn't make me sick, I am usually good to go. Not so here, guess that image is contradicted. I tried covering it with some powdered gatorade to no avail. Tasted like gatorade mixed in a moldy old cooler.

I hate to rip on FtW's water, but I am just calling it like I taste it. Judging by the quantity of bottle water sold (or lack on store shelves) I venture to guess my fellow compadres also find this stuff offensive.

If by any chance you happen across this and have any idea why this stuff tastes like a mouthful of liquid loam, please leave a comment, I would love to know, almost to the point of a note to the local water company...but then that would take up precious time I have already wasted on another blob of blog. Cheers, and bottoms up!


  1. Interesting... Fort Worth city water supply is generally considered to be very high quality. Ozarka has a water bottling plant in Fort Worth and they pretty much just fill up the bottles with tap water.

  2. I agree with the author. There have been numerous occasions that I have found the tap water in FW to have really bad taste and have the scent of sulfur. It sometimes even has too much chlorine emminating but yet I still drink. The last water report I received from the county says that it better than average and I have not developed any additional appendages/growths. As you I do drink it sparely with no major side affects other than the strange facial expressions