Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An August Tuesday

Starting to show the signs that we are headed away from my favorite solstice. Cruising back from an evening ride at it was looking kind of dark shortly after 8 tonight. Some high clouds from storms off to the west added to the lack of lighting. On one hand it means some of the most pleasant days of the year are yet to come, but then it also means shorter days, eventually colder weather and all of those things which see how much you really want to ride a bike.

It also means cyclocross is coming up...oh yeah...good times. How much pain can you put into an hour.

Tonight was a training ride, more specifically hills. I kicked it off in style by scarfing down a slice of pizza when I got home from work. Ham and pineapple, a personal favorite. Couldn't wait until later as it was nice and fresh. About 30 minutes in I wondered if this would be one of those events I would look back upon in awe of my own stupidity. Fortunately things stayed settled and all was good. Good reminder that I need to use my brain a little more regularly. It tasted wonderful upon my return. The simple pleasures in life...

Completely unrelated, tonight is the Perseid meteor shower. Always kind of cool, if you want to stay up and watch it. Don't know that things are too favorable here, some clouds, fullish moon...don't think it will be in my plan.

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