Thursday, September 24, 2009

Texas CX

I am itching for the CX season to kick off. To a degree. So far I haven't done any real CX practice, so I need to get out and practice those specific skills which can make a surprising difference. Dismount, shoulder, run, mount, ride... maybe through a jump or two in there, or a steep hill. My skillset is ok, I haven't lost ground before and often made a little up, but it could be a lot better. When you see the PROs do it, you realize how weak you are...of course I don't get paid for it. Nor would I want to. That would be a tough way to make a living.

The tentative schedule looks good, although it means a lot of travel. that is one bad thing about 'cross, sometimes spending hours in a car for minutes of racing. Not a complaint for sure, wouldn't want the races to be longer!

The Texas schedule, in it's tentative glory:

Oct. 16 Premier San Antonio -
Oct. 17 Premier San Antonio

Oct. 25 Webberville VC - South Regional

Oct. 31 New Braunfels South Regional

Nov. 7 Ft. Worth CX
Nov. 8 Ft. Worth Moritz CX

Nov. 14 at&t Brain and Spine - Austin, TX
Nov. 15 South Regional NRC- Kyle, TX

Nov. 21 Premier Mirage Dallas -
Nov. 22 Premier Park Place Dallas -

Dec. 5/Premier GCCA
Dec. 6 Premier Bikesport Houston

Dec. 13 Austin South Regional

Jan 9 Houston Woodlands South Regional
Jan 10 Houston Woodlands South Regional

Jan 16 Age-Based State Cyclocross Championships - Pirate Race Productions -Austin (Manor)
Jan17 Premier – State Skills based State Cyclocross Championship -Austin (Manor)

Certainly a nice offering. Hup time...


  1. Practice? Pros? What about "beginners and completely clueless beginner" classes?

  2. Yeah...when I "practice" it is like most bike related "training", it is just riding my bike, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.
    One thing I like about cx is how accpeting the sport seems to be to the beginner. I think it has to do with the sheer fun of it and the desire to share this exhuberance with others. Haven't seen it in the FtW area, but in the past there has definitely been a lot of training clinics for those looking to check out the sport and sharpen their skills. These clinics were usually put on by local/regional high level riders.

    Of course, there is always the method I took, which was basically a dive into the deep end, head first, in the dark...luckily there was water in that pool!

  3. If you see particulars about training clinics, I'm sure your hordes of loyal followers would appreciate a post on them. Ditto for other words of wisdom for the ignorant but interested amongst us.

  4. I now see info about the Nov 7 FW event. ZBoaz Park.