Monday, October 26, 2009

October flying

So the month is basically over. Just like that. Time flies.

After the state RR I was knocked out by a wicked infection which required a course of antibiotics I am only now completing. This really threw my cycling schedule off, as I was prepared to launch half-heartedly into cyclocross season. Au contraire.

Finally feeling better I emerged over the last week and got back out on the bike for some serious riding aimed at this CX business. The positive part is I didn't miss much, as the rainfall here has been pretty regular. Seems that it is cloudy and damp more often than not. Perfect for CX, but a pain if you don't like cleaning your bike constantly, and feel like your lungs and legs are filled with mercury.

I did get out for some fun riding this past weekend, and was surprised to see that even after a few days without rain (tapered off Thursday a.m.) the Trinity was still flowing heavy. Usually within a day of heavy rain it is back to normal.
This past Saturday, a solid two days after any rain, the low water crossings were still...uncrossable. Unless you felt like wading in a swift current. Which I certainly did not. So I stayed west of the river on Saturday.

Went back out Sunday and it looked the same.

No dice. No problem. Headed back up and took the northwest trail. Nice because I could stay on grass/gravel/dirt as much as desired.
Putting the respectable southerly wind to my back was nice, and I flew north along the gravel, just enjoying the ride.

Finally found a crossing that was manageable on the upper NW end of the Trinity trail system.

Eventually had to turn back and headed back SE, towards the downtown...into the wind. The day had turned nice and the look of fall certainly is beginning to show.

The NW trail is really quite nice, quiet, usually only see a handful of people. At times it is hard to believe you are within a few miles of one of the 20 biggest cities in the country. At times it is in your face, but even then, for the most part, it isn't too bad.

Of course, any larger city is prone to the scourge of urban graffiti.
Witness the Lancaster overpass, Foch Street.

Some is a little less creative...

But still made me laugh.

Yes, Sunday was a good day...didn't even have to use my AK.


  1. If you go to the November 7th CX at Boaz Park, say hello. I'll be the old slow guy on the Tricross Expert.

  2. Ack... It'd be fun to watch you guys but I'll be in Lubbock that weekend.

  3. Oh, and... nice pics of the northern portion of the trail. I've ridden it a handful of times and you describe it perfectly. Be careful where you get off, though... some of the exits are in less-than-desirable neighborhoods.

    One nice ride is to ride the branch you were on all the way to the end, then ride across and pick up the branch that goes through the Stockyards for the return trip.

  4. Steve - I will definitely look for you there!

    Doohickie - if you want to check out some cx racing you could wander over to Garland or Fair Oaks Park (Dallas I guess) the weekend of the 28th/29th...of course that means going over to Dallas, something I have yet to do since moving into the area. Not in any hurry either.

    Good points on the NW trail, I had suspicions about some of the area. Have seen a few news stories/crime reports that gave me a clue that sections may be a little less than ideal. Maybe that is why there is a lot less traffic up that way too?