Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dallas CX

So we've got three races coming up this weekend in Dallas. That is about the only good reason I can think of to head more than a few miles east of I-35.

Friday night Bryan Fawley (aka - Fort Worth CX Race Weekend Dominator) has an event at the usually TNX location. Heard it is good but never been there. Read all about the flyover in the cx forums section. Even have some video links if you want a visual.

Saturday and Sunday are more traditional daytime races. Should be fun, weather looks to be nice Saturday and maybe some rain on Sunday. Imagine that, a muddy Texas CX event.

Speaking of which, I went and got my cross bike nice and dirty this past weekend. The end of the week rain did a nice job soaking everything. The gravel Trinity River Trails were pretty spongy and downright sloppy in spots. Saturday saw me return home looking like a downright proper cyclocrosser, covered head to toe in mud spatters. And that is always so much fun to clean. At least it wasn't cold. I like my misery in smaller doses.

Enough of this, I have a nice bottle of Saint Arnold Amber Ale and a dirty bike that need attention. Both should do just fine prepping me for the holiday weekend.

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