Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, new post

So it has been a while since I posted anything, not for lack of good stuff to write about, just lack of time and (mostly) initiative.

This has been an interesting December with a couple notable snowfalls and generally cool temperatures, cooler than normal according to the weather data sites.

I don't like being cold, but have this thing where I always make an effort to ride in the really nasty stuff, at least a couple times a year. They help make the typically cold rides seem like nothing. Or a little more easier to deal with I tell myself.

So far I have ridden in the snow three times now. Christmas Eve was particularly notable with blizzard-like conditions. I donned several layers, including the totally awesome Craft windstopper top and shorts (these things really neutralize the wind like nothing else, and aren't bulky at all) and ventured out towards the Trinity River paths to see what the world looked like. Windy and white. I headed south with a strong mostly cross, slightly head wind.
I had waited to venture out until the temps had dropped to about the freezing point, hoping to ride on snow covered ground and avoid as much slop. The gravel path of the trail was snow covered and made for cleaner riding indeed. Gradually, I lost function of the bicycle, first the rear derailleur, then the front brake, then the back brake.

This definitely made things interesting, especially with the wind grabbing the front wheel and threatening to push me over at times.
Not surprisingly, it was quiet and lonely on the path.

I passed one walker. I did note some faint tracks from another cyclist who had been out at some point earlier. I wondered if they chose this out of necessity or like me, out of sheer entertainment.

The snow continued to fall and drifts began to build, creating a unique scene I wouldn't have expected in the metroplex, but knowing it would be brief, enjoyed for the moment.

The moment of enjoyment was brief, as my extremities reminded me that I was beginning to freeze my ass of, and a retreat home where warmer temperatures and a variety of alcohol laced beverages waited to help warm me.

So I bolted. Defrosted. Imbibed. Further enjoyed. Happy new year.


  1. Cool photos. I didn't attempt to ride in the snow. I thought about it until I realized that other than a windbreaker, I didn't have anything to keep me dry.

  2. Thanks!
    I didn't get too wet overall. I rode in the storm a week later and got completely saturated as it never got as cold, nothing froze, everything was soaked, including me. Was totally numb after about an hour. Not nearly as fun for sure!