Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holiday recap

The fourth of July (long) weekend was good. I did a lot of riding with a lot of different people in a few different places. Consistently different.

Of note, a trip--my first--down to what is apparently considered the northern edge of the Texas Hill Country. Granbury Texas, more specifically. Spent a few hours with some other riders in the know, cruising through the beautiful hills southwest of Granbury. Definitely more vertical variation than found in the FtW vicinity. We rode around several roads whose names I don't recall, dealing with a steady wind that helped add a little more difficulty to the rises encountered. Of course it was hot too.

The roads were generally empty and the ride enjoyable. I can see that from the road race training perspective, a solid day in this country could be a very good thing, so I may have to make a trip or two back down with that goal in mind. Whatever the reason, I look forward to going back, and would certainly recommend it. Only downside is, unless you want to do some serious mileage cramming, it requires driving. So it goes sometimes.

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