Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is what was reporting upon my return from a 2.5 hr ride. Didn't really need a website to tell me this. I ran out of water about 30 minutes out and was suffering before that really. Heading out on the road at noon is not a great idea, and the heat got to me today. The amount of salt on my face was impressive. I rode hard as was the plan, and got the goosebumps a few times, a good warning not to mess around too much.
I checked my weight and figured I lost at least 6-7 pounds of water weight over the course of the ride. It was still fun, all things considered. And there weren't a lot of people out so I had the roads and trails basically to myself as an added bonus.

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  1. Welcome to Texas! ;- )

    Seriously though.... get another water bottle or two for your bike if you're going on rides that long! And eat more bananas.