Monday, July 20, 2009

Running and Real Ale

Those are two components of this Monday evening. Running first. Trying to work that back into my life despite my body's frequent and seemingly well founded objections.

Later a trip to Central Market due to the request of a certain prominent female. I spent way too much time in the beer aisle and eventually bought a pack of Real Ale's Rio Blanco Pale Ale to go with a variety of food purchased from the CM Deli, one of her favorite stop-offs.

I liked it just fine, she found it to be s0-so. I think a bottle of this would get higher marks from her in January. My labrador retriever was intrigued, which is generally a good sign. Dog knows her beer it seems. Open a bottle of something decent and she is instantly inquisitive, looking to see if it will be shared.

The weekend provided some nice riding including the always enjoyable Kelly Road loop. A small group of us ventured out and did the clockwise version--through the parks by Lake Benbrook, across and out McDaniel Road, up Kelly and then onto Aledo and back into FW.
Low traffic, some pleasant scenary and terrain as challenging as you wish to make it. Good way to spend a few hours for sure.

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