Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And nothing really special. Went for a nice evening ride, headed south down the Trinity River Trail and saw and interesting site at the river crossing by Highway 183, where the trail jumps over to Bellaire Drive. These coordinates will get you there, or plug them into google maps for an exciting satellite view if you feel intrigued.(32.697480, -97.421715)
Apparently the water found an alternate route downstream. Instead of going through the chute engineered into the concrete dam/crossing it appears to have worked a channel under the dam, or at least below the spillway. End result is a big stinky mudflat for the bulk of the upstream side, with a nice little whirlpool feeding down through the channel. There was a Danger sign posted stating one should not swim or wade, that maintenance is underway. Not sure about the maintenance, but it won't take a sign to discourage me from trying to cool off in that slop. Reminded me of low tide in the salt marshes in the summer.
Wish I would have had a camera to snap a shot of that.

Rest of the evening was less exciting, just hot and dry, nice southerly wind blowing...groundhog day ala Fort Worth Summer 2009.
I rode around a while then hit the hills around the Overton Park neighborhoods for the training part of the ride. Like that area. Nice little short steep hills guaranteed to jack up the heart rate if desired. Low traffic, plenty of shade from the big trees...always a nice loop to roll through. After that, back up Park Hill, down Rogers Road (another little section I love) and back across the river to head home for some cold water and a cold beer.


  1. I rode UP Rogers Road at least a dozen times before I ever went down it this past Friday, on my way to the Zoo.

    Down is more fun.

  2. Oh.... and by the way... when did you go down Bellaire? Were you wearing a Colonel's jersey? Did you notice a commuter on a hybrid behind you from just after 183 until the trail turns off Bellaire?

    (That commuter would have been me...)

  3. Hey, that wasn't me in the Colonel's jersey, think I had on a dark blue Nor Cal Cyclesport, but not actually sure.
    I did see a couple commuters, one guy had the full front and rear bags, and looked full. He was going the opposite direction, and quite fast considering the apparent size of his load!

    Rogers is definitely a hoot to go down, you can kind of lose yourself for a minute in the trees and twists of the road. Nice to find that in the middle of a big city.

  4. Fort Worth is a great place to explore for sure.