Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The positive side of averages

Statistics generally annoy me as they are often used by people with an agenda. Sometimes fairly, sometimes downright fraudulently, which might only be noted by a good statistician, a set that does not include me.

Averages are something I pay a lot of attention to, particularly this time of year, specifically, average temperatures.

The month of December was a good example. I spent a fair amount of time riding in colder than average weather, and lamenting that it "should" be 54.6 degrees today, but instead it is only 41. What the hell? Now, I realize what the average is but after what seemed like day after day of below average temps, I found myself thrilled by a recent upswing towards temperatures only SLIGHTLY below average, and now, above average temperatures. And not just a few degrees above, but double digits. It is about time. Riding in the dark is getting old about now, but being able to not dress like Ralph's little brother in The Christmas Story before a ride (certain smartassed people like to comment that I seem to spend more time getting ready to ride than actually riding my bike) is a major consolation. Especially in January.

We are at/approaching the point where the average temps start to trend upwared, which is cause for hope in itself:

So heres to a week of temperatures approaching to above 70...this is a winter respite I can smile about. Or perhaps I should simply smile about Texas winter vs. a winter in the northeast US? Probably...

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  1. Riding in the dark is starting to get REAL old! Personally, there are worse things than looking like Randy. For some reason, though, it bothered me when the water in my water bottle started getting slushy a couple of mornings.

    You will have to come back to this post next July...