Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday night in January

It was nice to see the sun and actually feel some warmer temperatures today.

Went out for a ride after work on the road bike (which has been collecting dust lately) and was surprised how quickly it cooled off. Thankfully it was one of those rare calm nights so I didn't have to factor in the windchill.
Definitely better off than my brothers and sisters back east who are still in the icebox. Good news is this "warmer" weather is headed your way...I think.

This time of year gets monotonous. Seems like the best weather is always during the week, and of course my daylight riding options are Sat/Sunday. During the week it is riding in the dark. Which gets old. I tell myself these are the training rides that count, so I can maximize the enjoyment on the fun rides when I have daylight and/or warmer temps. Then I wonder if I am simply an idiot.

Cross State Championships are this weekend and I am feeling strangely unmotivated. maybe its the wide range of distractions that have been...distracting me lately. Already skipped the Houston weekend because I was too lazy to drive down south. Felt bad not supporting those guys, they seem to be a good crew. Hope their turnout was good.
Maybe I just don't feel like spending another weekend riding my bike as fast as I can while trying not to throw up on myself? Naw...that never gets old. Think it is just a case of the Januaries.

And to think, the Texas road racing season kicks off in a few weeks. I love the road racing but that is too damn early for my cold hating skinny butt. Nothing like huddling in a pack for 70 miles dying a dozen deaths because you have:
a) overdressed
b) underdressed
c) undertrained
d) spent the whole race in the pack doing no work and thus freezing (see option b)
e) combination of the above

Yes, I would rather spend 3 hours racing in 100 degree heat, trying to stay hydrated. Bring on summer.

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  1. I'd like to borrow 20 degrees or so from July and August for added warmth I'll pay them back next summer.