Monday, January 18, 2010


This past weekend was the Texas State Championship weekend for cyclocross.

As some would put it, the sandbagger's cup. CX has a knack for bringing out the accusation of sandbagging better than possibly any cycling discipline.
This year was no different, if you followed any of the chatter on the cyclocross forum. Not bad compared with other regions really.

It got me thinking about this topic once again. What defines sandbagging?
At what point should one move up? If you consistently win or finish in the upper echelon at a given level, then you should move up, right? Seems simple, but it isn't apparently so. Winning is pretty straightforward. So if you rack up a couple wins in a season, at what point do you move up? Should you move up for the last race if it is the State Championship, or stik it out for one more?

I don't know...there are a lot of variables, and fortunately for me, this is only an indirect issue, but it is of interest to me as I want to see this facet prosper, and not see people discouraged by others.

What would make you move up?

Personnally, I have moved up classes without ever racking up a single win, just knew I was consistently in a dominant position and capable of racing at the next level. And that doesn't mean jumping up and immediately vying for podium positions. If that is your philosphy than I can probably safely proclaim you are a sandbagger.
Some can do it, most won't. So what does it require...consistent top 5 6...??? Sometimes points dictate the progression, but in reality, there is nothing really pushing someone to move, other than the occasional peer pressure or personal desire.

In the end, it is a hobby, and if you race you should be doing it for a challenge. Guess that is where it gets sticky, in what we each consider a "challenge".

Ah well, now on to road season, where the issue of sandbagging doesn't EVER rear it's ugly head. Ever.

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  1. Your approach is right. In your heart of hearts you KNOW you should be in a tougher class. If you DON'T move up when you KNOW you're better, THAT makes you a sandbagger.

    We lappers, on the other hand, don't have to worry about such things!